Annual report 2016

The year 2016 was a difficult year. In spite of the usual sterling operational performance, the overall financial outcome was eroded by external factors.

We however took significant steps to confront the challenges to ensure we get back on track to delivering the sterling performance we have produced over prior years.

Our focus is on the growing Ghanaian corporate business sector

We have built and nurtured long term relationships built with local and multi-national corporates in the key sectors of the Ghanaian economy. Our strengths in the corporate banking, corporate finance and treasury, built over the years, impact significantly on our financial performance.

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Governance and sustainability

The demands made on Bank Boards have increased over the years, which make active and constructive corporate governance necessary. Establishing clear goals, strategies, values and good risk controls have been and remain the Board’s duty and responsibility, together with the Bank’s management team.


Over the years CAL Bank has prided itself in the continued support to the less privileged in society and our long-standing tradition of helping the communities in the areas where we operate. Educational support to give hope to needy children from primary through to the tertiary level still remained dear to us.